Wines 2013

JanotsBos 2013

In 2013 the hervast was later than in the previous years. September 27th we started and not before the second week of October we finished.
The flowering was somewhat difficult due to the cold and moist weather. This (called “coulure” in French) had impact on the expected quantities, but later in the season it turned out it had no impact on the quality. In 2013 again the Côte de Beaune was struck by hail. Hail used to be a rare phenomenon in Burgundy, but the last couple of years it becomes a regular uninvited guest.
Summer was relatively warm, but it didn’t result in an early harvest. Some growers had problems with mould and mildew, again due to the moist conditions. So we can see it wasn’t easy for the grapes. So, what’s the result? Well, as history shows also in years with smaller quatities and less favourable conditions one can make great wines. Now it’s clear 2013 will be such a vintage. All our wines have just the right acidity, are well-balanced and express their terroir brilliantly. This is all caused by the relatively long growing season and above all the slow riping. We could in a way compare this to 2008. We expect the 2013 wines to have a long life span. For Burgundy lovers this is a great year to keep in your cellar for a couple of years before drinking.
For our customers we have made sure our typical JanotsBos style is unmistakably present in our wines: pure, expressing the terroir, complex and just the right amount of oak to support the wine. For the gastronomy these wines will be much appreciated by guests looking for great Burgundy wines with their dishes.


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