A new appellation for JanotsBos: Rully

JanotsBos now has a new appellation available: Rully.

Rully is a nice village Burgundy village in the “Côte Chalonnaise”, the area just south of the “Côte de Beaune”. “Côte Chalonnaise”, is a beautiful part of Burgundy, between the well-known “Côte d’Or” and “Maconnais”.
The popularity of wines from the “Côte Chalonnaise” and within the area appellations like Rully is growing fast. Our clients have asked many times if we could produce a Rully village in our JanotsBos style. In our network of excellent wine growers we found one owning part of a great vineyard, called “Fromanges”, fitting our requirements perfectly. And so we started producing Rully in 2014. It’s available on the market now.

Fromanges Rully03

The vines are 40 years old. The vineyard itself is situated at a little higher altitude than many others in Rully. At the surface the we find lots of pebble stones. Deeper we have, of course, chalk, but also marl and clay. The pebble stones store the heat from the sun and give it back slowly to the vineyard. The chalk provides a good structure to drain the vineyard from rain and it gives the characteristic minerality and freshness in the Rully. We’re very pleased to make a wine from this particular vineyard!

Tasting note, winter/spring 2016 of the Rully 2014:
Nice ripe aromas of white fruit like peach and lychee. There is also a nice touch of vanilla and toast, but we used new barrels with moderation, so it goes well with the explosion of fruit and the nice salty freshness (minerality) you experience. It’s a great, pure and easy to drink wine, very well suited for diners (and Sunday lunches).

Fromanges Rully02

In the pictures the vineyard “Fromanges”.


Fromanges Rully01

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