Wine tasting at JanotsBos


Enjoy the hospitality of burgundy!

We open the cellar for you! A wine tasting at JanotsBos is something special. Come visit us with friends or with colleagues. Ask for more information by filling out the form below.




Experience our wine making!

Our JanotsBos wines are real 'terroir' wines. Our pure style, much appreciated by wine lovers, is a fantastic reflection of the terroir. The different appellations all share this style, yet are all very different. Experience this in our cellar. Come see how we make price winning wines. We'll answer all your questions.



oogst-bourgogne-druivenTaste the wines from our barrels

At JanotsBos we have no secrets. We let you taste the wines from the barrels! This is a unique opportunity to learn more about Burgundy. If wine is your passion, come visit us.



A wine tasting at JanotsBos is a unique experience. Ideal for wine lovers, for your company or for your customers.

wijnkelder-van-janotsbosA wine tasting includes:

  • Explanation in the vineyard;
  • Explanation in the cuverie about all interesting aspects of wine making at JanotsBos;
  • Unique: wine tasting from the barrels, of wines that aren't bottled yet. You'll be amazed!
  • Tasting of the bottled wines;
  • If required we can organize catering as well!
  • We have no secrets, so you can ask all you want to know about our wines.

Interested? Please Fill out this form. We'll contact you asap.

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